At this point your site has been built, the products have been organized, and we have set up the administrative back-office. This includes admin logins, credit card processing, tax settings, discount codes, etc.  

The next step before your website goes live is to double check that everything is set up properly. Here is a list of the most common areas you should pay attention to:

Front-End Review

* This is the patient-facing side of the website.
  1. Top Menu 
    1. Check all of the links and products that show up in each collection
    2. Review the overall layout and make sure everything is set up according to your needs
  2. Social Links & Business Information
    1. Check that any social links (if applicable) connect to your social channels
    2. Make sure the 'contact us' page contact form goes to the correct staff member's email
    3. Check that your phone number is accurate (top left if applicable)
  3. Homepage Layout and Collections
    1. Check that any buttons go to the correct product collections (i.e. women's to women's products)
    2. Review all product collections and the products that are displayed (i.e. 20-30 mmHg shows only the products you want in 20-30 mmHg)
  4. Mobile and Tablet
    1. If possible, check the website on different devices (iPhone, Android, Tablets, etc.)
    2. Submit a ticket (bottom of this page) if there are any visual flaws or functionality problems 
  5. Place a test order 
    1. Test any discount codes you have set up
    2. Check the taxes and shipping options    
If the payment option "Test Order" or "Paid in Office" is visible at checkout, please be sure to contact us if this needs to be removed before you go live. This should only apply if you plan on allowing patient access to the site outside of your clinic (i.e. anytime anywhere)


Admin Login Page 

  1. Login to your website's admin back-office by going to the admin login page of your website. This URL is unique to your website and should look like this: ""
  1. Fill in your URL name in the blank space before "" 
  2. Each admin has a unique login that was set up individually (email = username)
  3. Reset your password if you can't remember it (contact us if you have issues signing in)


Patient Contact Email

Go to Settings (bottom left corner) >>> General
  • Make sure the "customer email" comes from the correct email
  • This is the "From" email for patient notifications, which is the email that patients will reply to when replying to order confirmations or submitting the "contact us" form on your site.\



Tax Settings

Go to Settings >>>> TAXES >>> Click on "United States"
  • Double check that taxes are set up accordingly. Unless otherwise instructed (in writing), taxes will be set up to calculate automatically based on states where you have a physical location. 
  • We will also add NC to the list of states since that is where our warehouse is located. This means if someone orders from your website and ships to NC, taxes will be charged automatically based on their county/city in NC. 
  • Please contact us directly to change your tax settings:



Invite Staff Members

Go to Settings >>> Account >>> Scroll down to "Accounts and permissions"


Admin Order Notifications

Go to Settings >>> Notifications >>> Scroll down to "Order Notifications" (close to the bottom)

- By default, an order notification will go to the main contact email set up on the website
- To remove notification simply click on the trash can icon or disable it


Shipping Rates

Go to Settings >>> Shipping
Check to make sure you have at least one shipping option set up "FREE Ground"
Depending on your area of the country you should see options for expedited shipping and the rates for each:


Remove Payment Method

The next step only applies to "public" websites where anyone (patient or not) can access the website and make a purchase from anywhere, at any time.
Go to Settings >>>> Payment Providers >>> Scroll down to "Manual Payments"
  • Click "EDIT"



Select Monthly Shopify Plan

If you do not see the information below, please email us: We will transfer the websites main login to you (i.e. transfer ownership). From there the below steps can be taken to set up your Shopify Plan:
Go to Settings >>> Account >>> Compare Plans
  • Select the monthly plan that is best for your clinic
    • Basic Plan = 3 total staff accounts


Add your credit card to pay for your website's monthly hosting fees

Shopify's monthly hosting plan's can be canceled at any time so there is no risk to you!


Final Step!

At this point, your website is ready to go! Now we need to connect your website to our warehouse, and to your internal billing account. After this next step is complete your website will be ready to start taking real patient orders! 
  1. Email us 24 hours before the day you would like to start taking real patient
  2. Before we connect your website to our warehouse we will cancel all test orders
  3. Please indicate if any of your test orders should be shipped and billed to your account