1. Complete our On-boarding Application

  • Please allow 2-4 weeks for your website to be built and ready for launch
  • While your website is being built, feel free to review the articles and videos found on this help center website. That will speed up the training process and set the program up for success
* Important: Please contact your rep if you need to set up a purchasing account. There is a separate application that you must fill out in conjunction with the above application.


2. Schedule the Administrative Setup Training

  • Schedule a day at least 2 weeks after your application was submitted
  • Any decision makers at the clinic should attend this webinar. 
  • Focus on the websites settings, taxes, user logins, credit card processing, and etc.
    • Set up credit card processing for patients to checkout online
    • Set up taxes based on your requirements (we cannot give you tax advice)
    • Invite any staff members that need an Admin login to manage the website
    • Review any discounts codes that need to be set up
    • Review the homepage, top menu, product offering, and design
    • Set up the monthly billing credit card to pay for the website
    • Discuss the next steps to launching the website
3. Confirm (or schedule) your launch timeline and in-person staff training date and time
  1. Conducted in your clinic with your medi representative
  2. Your rep will spend 2-4 hours in your clinic h
  3.  Goal: your rep will help staff members place real patient orders and troubleshoot common issues