Be Prepared for Setup


While your website is being built, please take some time to gather the information needed to properly set-up your websites administrative settings. This includes [but is not limited to] the following:

  • Credit Card processing with Shopify 
    • Shopify Payments rates (click here)
    • Information you will need when completing Shopify's short application:
      • Business Name (Legal Name)
      • EIN (Tax ID number)
      • Owner or Shareholder's information (Name, last 4 digits of SSN, etc.)
      • Bank account routing and account number for deposits
  • Decide how you want to handle TAXES 
    • Taxes will be set up to automatically apply on ALL orders, unless you send us a written request to waive taxes on all orders, certain products, or specific groups of products (collections


Important information about Taxes:
  • Please consult with your accountant or tax advisor if you have any questions about taxes. We cannot give you advice on how taxes should be handled. 
  • Contact your local / state tax department for further information
  • Decide who will need administrative access to your websites back-office (admin panel)
    • Any employee that handle patient orders, or questions about orders should have access
    • Shopify's Basic Plan allows for three total logins
    • It is possible to share a login or two (as needed)


Training Overview & Objectives


How long?
1-2 Hours
1/2 Day with medi Rep 
Who should attend?
Anyone responsible for making business decisions (Office Manager, Accounting, Doctor etc.)

Key employees that will manage day-to-day operations for patient orders (returns, exchanges, questions etc.)
This training should be conducted on a day when you will see multiple patients who may need to order product.  

Our rep will spend time with any necessary staff, in between patients, and/or with patients.
Main Objectives
- Credit Card Processing
- Admin Settings
- Taxes & Shipping
- Discount Codes
- Managing Orders 
- Returns & Exchanges
- Homepage / Top Menu
- Review Product Offering
- FAQ / Q & A
Our rep will train staff by assisting with real patient orders, and by reviewing common questions. 

Other topics:
- How to place an order
- Navigating on the site
- Searching, finding products
- Handling returns & exchanges
- Managing orders (admins)
- FAQ 

Administrative Training    

- Setup Credit Card Processing
- Finalize Admin Settings
- Adjust Tax Settings (as needed)
- Setup Discount Codes
- Learn how to manage orders
- Discuss Returns & Exchanges
- Review the Homepage & Top Menu
- Review Product Offering
- FAQ / Q & A